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Before sending us artwork, Download our quick reference file setup spec sheet
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Upload Instructions

Keystone Displays offers a secure file transfer service for uploading and downloading of artwork and production files. There is no limit on the number of files or file sizes.

Be sure to reference any additional information such as your company name, a quote number, or project name in the message field when uploading. This will help in expediting the retrieval of your artwork. Our art department will be notified immediately as soon as your files have finished transferring.

Uploading artwork through our website is the preferred method for sending us files. However, if you have any issues with this service, or if you prefer to transfer files through another Cloud based website that you already have an account with, you can use any of the websites listed below.

When using an alternative upload method, please make sure to send an email to with a link to access the files.

Alternative Online Transfer Options

Google Drive

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